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Professional Kit


Product Information

The Professional Kit provides 50 profiles for ANY age group. Two books are also included to guide the use of The MIDAS and provide feedback to respondents. Purchase of the Professional Kit qualifies the user for the discounted bulk price of additional profiles.

- NOTE: All Profiles are completed on the web using the Online MIDAS System (OMS). Profiles are returned via email but may also be printed directly from the OMS Administrator's webpage. 

Buyers may obtain initial Foundation Level MIDAS Certification via self-study with the Professional Manual or Handbook. For ongoing use of the MIDAS then additional study to obtain Practitioner Level Certification is expected. This will ensure that administrators follow best practices so that respondents receive the most benefit from their MIDAS Profiles.

The buyer will receive automatic confirmation following purchase but then specific instructions and details regarding use of the OMS system will be emailed usually within 24 hours.




> 50 MIDAS Profiles 

> The MIDAS: A Professional eManual (ebook)

> One interpretative Workbook - your choice  (reproducible)

Product Code: 820