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Pilot Classroom Kit


Product Information

Many educators are curious about how The MIDAS can help them to implement the multiple intelligences and would like to try it without making a big investment or research commitment.  If you are interested in conducting a Pilot Project in your school, classroom or business, we invite you to email an MIRCI consultant to learn about opportunities to collaborate with other ongoing Pilot Projects. You may qualify for a substantial discount on Profiles if your situation and goals are similar to other Pilot Projects taking place. Examples include:

- career planning for "at risk youth" and disadvantaged adults.

- assessing the MI profiles of young children.

- team building and motivation in the workplace.

 Send an email requesting a Pilot Project Application and please describe your situation and reason for wanting to use The MIDAS.


- NOTE: Scoring- All Profiles are completed on the web using the Online MIDAS System (OMS).

Product Code: 1000