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Basic Research Kit


Product Information

This Basic Research Kit provides up to 100 MIDAS profiles at a deeply discounted price for graduate students and qualified researchers. Additional Profiles may be purchased for $1.00 each.  Choose either the Professional Manual or Teacher’s Handbook. Large scale researchers may inquire for bulk scoring by special arrangement.


- NOTE: Scoring- All Profiles are completed on the web using the Online MIDAS System (OMS). For situations where completion on computer is not possible then respondent may answer on a paper answer form or directly on the questionnaire. Responses will then have to be entered into the OMS system by hand.


- The buyer will receive automatic confirmation following purchase but then specific instructions and details regarding use of the OMS system will be emailed following receipt of the completed Research Application.



Select Age Group: - Adults/University  -Teen-MIDAS   - MIDAS-Kids    - My View   - My Young Child



**  Research Application must be submitted for approval following purchase. See Research Guidelines on **

Select 1: see below

- MIDAS: A Professional Manual  (ebook)  or  Teacher's Handbook for MI in the Classroom.

- up to 100 profiles

- Brief Interpretative Packet

- Data imported into database (either SPSS or Excel database- upon request)

- 1 workbook  (upon request)

- Additional Profiles may be purchased at discount $1.00 per.

Product Code: 900